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Kanye West’s legal troubles are far from over, as Ye’s former business manager has reportedly paid the rapper $4 million. The Issue.

The report adds a business manager and a well-known accountant named Thomas St. John sued the rapper and the designer, saying that Ye stopped paying the monthly fee agreed upon by the two parties.

St. John said that when he accused West of withholding his $300,000-a-month salary, the rapper got ‘angry and angry’ and started cursing at him.

The lawsuit states, “He yelled at St. John and made it clear that he no longer wanted to work with St. John.

“When referring to the 18 months that had just been decided, Mr West said words to the effect of ’18-months is bull***’ and ‘You’re crazy for thinking that I’m stuck.”

After the meeting, the company accused Ye of not paying the rest of his contract, including the next 15 months of wages. The millionaire just gave the entire 3-month salary, according to St.

“Upon filing this Complaint, Defendants breached the agreement by failing to agree, despite Plaintiff’s request, to pay at least $300,000 per month for the month of July , August, and September 2022, regardless of when the invoices were received. Information and management that the Defendants do not intend to make monthly payments,” the lawsuit says.

In the lawsuit, Kanye West’s attorneys at Greenberg Traurig have released links to him after the opposition backlash.


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