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A Texas U.S. District Court judge in Uvalde has sealed the autopsy reports of the victims of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in May.

38th District Court Judge Camille DuBose on Friday ordered the documents sealed and turned over to the local district attorney.

In the motion to seal the records, prosecutors argued that the autopsy could reveal information that authorities are required to withhold until the investigation into the shooting is complete.

“The types, number and manner of injuries sustained in this case include information vital to the investigation, apprehension and prosecution of criminally responsible individuals,” the motion reads.

It is not clear how long the documents will be sealed, the motion added, adding that they “will remain hidden from public inspection until further order of this court.”

Six months later, a gunman stormed the school and killed 19 children and two teachers inside two adjacent classrooms. Law enforcement officers from across the state arrived at the school within minutes, but the gunman remained alive in classrooms for 77 minutes before a tactical unit finally used force to kill him, according to authorities’ timeline.

State officials repeatedly misrepresented the timing and actions of the 376 law enforcement officers who arrived on the scene, and the Uvalde mayor accused the Texas Department of Public Safety of a “cover-up.”

It is unclear whether some of the dead would have survived if they had received immediate medical attention for their injuries.


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