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Although Acer is a well-known brand for computers, it is not so big when it comes to home electronics. Is the Acerpure Pro P2 additionally worthy as an air purifier in your homes or even offices? Let us at help you with that.

What exactly is the Acerpure Pro P2?

Is the Acerpure Pro P2 an Addition to Your Own Home?

The Acerpure Pro P2 is an air purifier and is the second iteration of the product from the Taiwanese giant. It is significantly taller than its predecessor at 576mm, and is able to purify a larger space with a room coverage of 45m², a significant improvement from 33m². It is also capable of achieving a clean air delivery rate of 324 m³/h (CADR).

You can choose from 5 different purification speeds; Smart, 1, 2, 3, and Turbo. The last four are quite simple as the speed will increase as each goes but with Smart mode, it will actively sense the environment and maintain an appropriate speed for it. For example, if smoke from the kitchen comes close to it, it will purify the air at a faster rate than before.

Is the Acerpure Pro P2 an Addition to Your Own Home?

To avoid confusion, the Acerpure Pro P2 does not act as a fan. If anything, it’s just sucking in the air from outside, purify them, and proceed to blow them out. If you want an air purifier that can double as a fan, you can opt for the Acerpure Cool P2, which is the same but with an air circulation fan mounted on top from which the purified air comes.

What’s Improved for the Acerpure Pro P2?

Is the Acerpure Pro P2 an Addition to Your Own Home?

First, the Acerpure Pro P2 comes with a 4-in-1 HEPA filter that consists of a pre-filter, a HEPA Plus + filter, a HEPA 13 main filter, and an activated carbon filter. As a result, it is able to eliminate:

  • 99% airborne bacteria
  • 99.97% ultrafine dust, PM 1.0, and allergens
  • 99% of the coronavirus (229E) and the influenza A (H1N1) virus.
  • Pet hair and dander
  • Gas and smell

If that’s not enough, it also releases a high concentration of negative ions, up to 10 million, to the surrounding areas. This allows it to capture ultrafine dust and PM 1.0 for a more effective period to purify the air.

Earlier, I mentioned about Smart Mode, and it works by using a Laser Particulate Sensor to detect particulate matter as small as PM1.0 and PM2.5, as well as the Gas Sensor to detect formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. You can even monitor this as well as the air quality status in real time through its LCD display.

Is the Acerpure Pro P2 an Addition to Your Own Home?

Arguably the most important addition is mobile app support via acerpure Life, available on both Android and iOS. Although the magnetic controller is an innovative design, nothing beats using your smartphone to control it, especially since you can control it even when you are not at home as long as you have internet access . In addition, you will receive automatic notifications when it detects a spike in air pollutants.

Should you get the Acerpure Pro P2?

Is the Acerpure Pro P2 an Addition to Your Own Home?

As our daily lives have normalized in this post-pandemic era, some of you may be wondering if the Acerpure Pro P2 is worth getting. My answer is…it depends. If you want a direct air purifier that works and gives you valuable information, then yes, it’s definitely worth getting, especially with a direct price RM1,199.

However, for my money, I would wear the RM200 extra and go for the Acerpure Cool P2 instead just for that extra air circulation fan. After all, it’s the same thing but with a powerful fan so you can use one plug to get clean air and cool your environment, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Is the Acerpure Pro P2 an Addition to Your Own Home?

Sure, there’s a fan inside the Pro model but that’s just to get clean air out and not designed for cooling or air circulation. If you don’t need that, save that little extra cash and go for the Acerpure Pro P2.

If you are interested in purchasing the Acerpure Pro P2, click right here. If you are interested in the Acerpure Cool P2 instead, click here for that.


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