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You never know if you’ll be tired on a road trip.
It’s safe to say that most people don’t realize how big Texas is. From Lubbock to Austin is more than six hours. Amarillo is more than nine hours from Houston. Dalhart to Corpus Christi is eleven hours. When you’re putting in miles/hours like this, you’ll need to take a breather.

The good news is, it is NOT illegal to sleep in your car in Texas, but you should watch the “p’s and q’s”. You can’t be drunk or you’ll get a DWI (does this seem like a no-brainer, should drinkers be forced to pull over?) and you can’t fall asleep in the driver’s seat with your seat belt on ( I guess I wonder if you’re wrong or something). If you’ve pulled into a rest area, it looks like you can stay for 24 hours.

All of this begs the question, “where do I sleep?”. In the rest areas mentioned above, some big box stores, truck stops, and all the places that care (some big stores, etc.). You also have to think about your own safety in terms of where you stand because just because the location is possible, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to be around.

Sleep, including standing up and stretching your legs is recommended to avoid “sleepwalking” in 2017 (hey, those are the available statistics) there were more than 91,000 accidents and nearly 800 diseases. So, you should consider sleeping if you are tired. It is very legal.

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