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(Bloomberg) — The thousands of documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s Florida home include a mix of government, business and personal matters, including analysis of who gets pardons, memos marked with the presidential seal, retainer permits for lawyers and accountants, and legal bills, according to newly released lists created by federal investigators.

A detailed list of the seized items was attached to an unsealed Aug. 30 report from the Justice Department. A judge ordered the logs sealed but it appears they were accidentally posted in public court. It is no longer visible to the public.

The lists were created by a “Honorable Screening Team” that divided the eligible items into two categories. The first set of 137 pages are mostly government records, public documents or statements from outside parties. A 39-page document titled “Presidential Addresses” was handwritten with the presidential seal in the upper left corner.

The second column shows the documents that the analysis team believed should be returned to Trump, including a “medical letter” to the doctor and a number of materials that discuss various legal obligations. Trump over the years.

Trump has criticized the seizure of documents at events and on his social media, calling the FBI’s search an illegal attack. On Tuesday he asked the US Supreme Court to allow a special official to review 100 documents and identifications seized by the FBI. The appeals court ruled that those documents do not need to be reviewed, and the Justice Department could use them in a criminal investigation if government records or classified information were mishandled.

In its August 30 report and documents, the Justice Department explained to the judge how the official review team conducted the initial search at Mar-a-Lago. The team was provided with flagged documents that may cover attorney-client privilege — for example, records referring to attorneys or legal practices.

Those records were classified and kept separate from Justice Department attorneys and FBI agents conducting the criminal investigation. The analysis team identified 520 pages – from what Trump’s lawyers said was a collection of 200,000 pages seized – that deserved to be examined, but later determined that only a few of them fell into subject to legal rights.

Among the government records described by the analysis team is an email between the White House and the National Security Council regarding the 2019 extradition of John Walker Lindh, an American convicted of supporting the Taliban. .

‘For the POTUS Review’

The list features what it calls “Draft 2019 immigration agenda,” “For POTUS Review,” and “Executive Action to Stop Illegal Immigration.” There are “insiders” and collections of materials related to requests for presidential pardons and sentencing reforms. Some articles refer to the definition based on initials, while others refer to the full names of Trump recipients, such as former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.

The document, titled “The President’s Phone Calls,” included a message that read, “Message from Rudy,” but it was unclear if that was a reference to Trump’s close friend Rudy Giuliani. An unsigned June 2017 letter from one of Trump’s law firms to former special counsel Robert Mueller is in a folder marked “NARA letters” — an acronym for the National Archives and Records Administration – and emails to a White House account. post-election legal action.

Among the 383 pages marked for return to the former president are IRS forms and other tax-related documents, invoices for legal work and attorney retainer agreements, a settlement between a golf entity Trump has a contract with the PGA Tour. the post-presidential media group, the news of Trump’s resignation from the Screen Actors Guild, and the non-disclosure agreement and contract related to Trump’s Save America political action committee.

The Justice Department failed to convince a Florida judge that the analysis meant there was no need for an independent outside official to review the documents so the 520 pages are now part of the Judge’s review. Father of America Raymond Dearie.

Dearie’s case continues but the parties were notified Tuesday that a formal hearing scheduled for Oct. 6 has been postponed. The judge did not set a new date.

Trump’s lawyers and a Justice Department spokeswoman did not return requests for comment.

The case is Trump v. USA, 9:22-cv-81294, US District Court for the Southern District of Florida (West Palm Beach).

(Updates and status hearing date in second paragraph)

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