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14 Nov 2022 | 11:55 PM UTC

Activists plan strike in southern parts of Assam State, India, November 18. Trade, transport disrupted; possible violence.






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Barak’s Democratic Front has called for a strike from 05:00-17:00 Nov. 18 across Barak Valley in southern Assam State to condemn alleged discrimination against non-tribal communities in the state. The affected districts are Cachar, Hailakandi, and Karimganj. Low or moderate participation is likely among related presentations. Basic, emergency, medical, and religious services are typically exempt during the strike. Local business closures are possible. The impact on the operation of international companies or significant violence is unlikely.

Activists may engage in forced closings of businesses, burning, and vandalism. Demonstrations are possible outside government buildings and highways, especially in Silchar in Cachar district. Authorities are likely to step up security operations and may impose security cordons and traffic diversions around rally sites. Security convoys usually escort goods and government vehicles. Enhanced measures such as temporary control of movement, communication, and mobile Internet services are possible in the event of major violence. Clashes between security forces and protesters may occur, especially if authorities attempt to disperse gatherings or remove checkpoints.


Planning for transportation and business disruptions in the affected area Nov. 18. Avoid protests because of possible conflicts. Do not use roadblocks as protesters may react negatively. Stay tuned to local media for updates on rallies and road conditions, as organizers have not announced protests in advance. If violence occurs nearby, leave the area and seek shelter in a safe non-government building. See all traffic and safety tips.


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