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Janhvi Kapoor

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  • Janhvi Kapoor’s Mili is all set to release on November 4
  • The film is a remake of the Malayalam hit Helen
  • Jhanvi talked about how she was mentally affected during the shooting of the film
Janhvi Kapoor has impressed everyone with her acting skills and gorgeous looks. The diva has given many amazing performances on the big screen and the graph keeps growing and growing.

Now getting ready to meet the actress ml. Her film is releasing in three days and she is busy with the promotions of the film. ml It is a remake of Malayalam hit Helen.

ml Also starring Sunny Kaushal and Manoj Pahwa. Jhanvi was recently spotted at a multiplex in Delhi. Janhvi told PTI how she shot ml Mentally affected too.

She said she had nightmares about being locked in a closed, dark place. She shared, “The film affected my mental health. I would return home after the shoot, I would go to sleep and dream that I was still in the freezer. I fell ill, I took strong painkillers twice- for three days, even the director was not feeling well.

She also said that she had to stay in the freezer for 15 hours and cry all day. Jhanvi said that all this is not glamorous at all. She shot ml Inside a freezer at a temperature of minus 15 degrees, she had to gain 7.5 kg for the role.

In the film, she plays a nurse, Milli Naudial, a nursing graduate, who works part-time in a cafe. ml Working at a cafe in a mall, stuck in a freezer. The film is produced by Boney Kapoor.


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