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A Tulsa homeowner has been arrested for shooting a man who he claimed was trying to break into his home near Harvard, 81, Tulsa police said.

Police say David Rowland was arrested after he appeared to chase the thief down the street before shooting him once in the stomach. Tulsa Police say they received a call from Rowland around 3:15 a.m. Monday. Rowland later told detectives he was going to bed when he heard a car drive down the street. Rowland said he assumed it was a burglar and told detectives that no one drives through the neighborhood unless it’s a burglar.

Rowland said he saw someone park a silver car around the corner and get out, at which point he walked out of his home with a flashlight and a gun. And a cell phone. Rowland told police he saw a man run out of his driveway with items. Rowland said he shouted at the man to stop but instead ran into his vehicle about 50 meters away. Detectives say Rowland told them he followed the man to his car, pointed a flashlight and gun at him and told him to show his hands. Rowland said they got into a short shouting match and when the robbery suspect came forward, he shot him in the stomach.

Rowland was taken downtown to be interviewed by detectives and then arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Detectives say Rowland chased the suspect before shooting him and arresting him. Oklahoma’s “Make My Day” Law Evidence was presented to the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office, and it was determined that Rowland had illegally discharged his gun.

The shooting victim is being treated at the hospital and is expected to survive. Detectives say the gunman didn’t actually steal anything from Roland, but was breaking into a car next door. They say that if they come out, they will be arrested for theft.


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