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Hillary Clinton wants to be paid by Donald Trump.

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate failed to file court papers Monday demanding that the former president pay his legal fees in a lawsuit he called frivolous.

The lawsuit, accused Mrs. Clinton’s impeachment charges against Russia during the 2016 war, which were dismissed in September, were dismissed by the first lady’s lawyers as “politically motivated” and could lead to impeachment. .

“A reasonable attorney would never have dismissed this case, let alone continued to prosecute it after multiple motions by Defendants to dismiss showing its fundamental and incurable defects, ” said Mrs. Clinton’s lawyers.

A judge threw the case, Mr. Trump in March, it was just a “political show”. Mr. Trump appealed that dismissal to the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Federal law allows a judge to order attorneys who “disrupt and frustrate” court proceedings to pay attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses.

“The Plaintiff’s judgment was factually incorrect, unsupported by law and placed an undue burden on the Defendants and this Court,” Mrs Clinton’s lawyers argued. “Despite being made aware of the numerous errors in the original Complaint through a round of motions to dismiss, Plaintiff and his counsel contend before the Amended Agreement that none of the problems were corrected.”

In a statement reported by The Hill, Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba denied the investigation was politically motivated but accused Mrs. Clinton of making the request for political reasons.

“This motion, preferably submitted one week before election day, is nothing more than an attempt to make a political point.” “This motion is unnecessary, as our client’s case will soon be reviewed by the Eleventh Circuit. We oppose this motion and believe that the Court will find this fraud.”


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