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Visa reforms, introduced recently, have accelerated economic activity in the UAE, attracting businesses from all over the world. This also opened the door to many disputes and cases requiring arbitration. How can you help companies resolve disputes through arbitration?

One of the backbones of any new legal practice in the UAE is a strong arbitration process. As most arbitration centers and governing law clauses are based on the laws of England and Wales, our arbitration team has hired highly skilled lawyers from that jurisdiction. The scope of work prior to recent reforms focused on construction disputes but we have seen an increase in other disputes.

What makes our work different is that we work with transactional lawyers and trial lawyers to ensure that our clients’ commercial interests are protected but also that disputes can be prevented from occurring.

– Mohamed Nour, Executive Director

The UAE has announced the implementation of corporate tax from June 2023. How can businesses prepare for corporate tax?

While we await the release of major corporate tax legislation, we have been made aware of some important issues that we have been able to advise our clients on. In particular, we have issued a reform proposal before the implementation of the new corporate tax regime and focus on using the existing tax free zones so that all activities are not affected by the 9 percent rate. Our firm has tax attorneys to assist with these matters.

How can lawyers resolve complex issues related to company acquisitions, mergers and restructurings?

One of the most important issues that companies face during acquisitions, mergers or restructuring is to ensure that due diligence is done and discrepancies are identified in a set of legal documents. More importantly, what makes our work different is that we work with transactional lawyers and trial lawyers to ensure that our clients’ commercial interests are protected but also to anticipate disputes that can be prevented. doesn’t happen.

Please share some information about your family inheritance, estate and succession planning services and wills?

Our Shari’a legal experts can advise Islamic clients regarding family inheritance and can advise on the use of ADGM and DIFC Foundations as estate planning vehicles. Our DIFC team is also registered with the probate office in DIFC to draw up and register wills.

Like most businesses, the legal profession has been forced to accelerate its digitization following the pandemic. What initiatives have you taken to streamline your operations and enhance your services?

Our company has always focused on the use of technology in our work. Under the vision of our founder, we have developed an in-house legal case management software that allows our teams to work together on the same project and documents, integrating our input times and publishing data for the use of our lawyers.

This allows us to compete with other businesses, and ensures that we find the right areas for our teams to focus on.


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