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The UAE has very strict laws regarding Internet calling in the region. The country has bound residents to these laws due to security concerns from online activities. UAE is ranked third in the world for providing the best internet infrastructure. 90% of the UAE’s expatriate population relies heavily on Internet mobile apps to stay connected back home. So, here is a detailed guide on the legal requirements and regulations for internet calls in UAE.

Internet Phone Laws In UAE

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Using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, customers can send voice and video messages over a broadband Internet connection. Virtual private networks (VPNs) are used to connect and access audio and video calling applications in the Gulf region.

Attempting to access illegal applications using a VPN in the UAE will land you in jail and a hefty fine. The UAE prohibits the use of VPNs to hide your IP address to access restricted websites, mobile phones, and gaming apps in the Gulf. Article 34 of the UAE Cyber ​​​​Law states that the government can impose a fine of not less than Dhs 250,000 and not more than Dhs 1,000,000 if you engage in illegal information services in the UAE .

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The UAE government also has the right to deport anyone found guilty of misuse of information services.

List of 17 Mobile Phone Laws In UAE

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Etisalat and banned traffic from illegal applications. Illegal internet calling applications are mainly Whatsapp which is used for daily communication. But instead of this, here are 17 voice and video calling applications that are legally available in the UAE.

Sr. No Internet Phone Application
1 Microsoft Teams
2 Google Meet
3 Zoom in
4 Skype
5 It’s lazy
7 Etisalat Cloud Conference
8 Totok
9 Voice
10 Gomera
11 Matrix
12 C ME
13 Blue jeans
14 HiU Messenger
15 Avaya Spaces
16 Cisco Webex
17 Blackboard

Here are 17 apps that you can use legally in the UAE to connect to at home and how many of them are available to access.

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