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MYRTLE BEACH – The former chairman of the Horry County Republican Party, who has refused to give up his position, said there may be a legal battle to decide whether to keep the party’s bank accounts.

Former GOP congressional chairman Roger Slagle, speaking to 35 supporters on Nov. 7 in Myrtle Beach, expressed confidence in his ability to win the presidential election. of the council to the SC Republican Party.

Slagle has accused the party’s new state-recognized leaders of firing him in a “prediction”, and has refused to release the party’s bank accounts and social media accounts. The Nov. 7 meeting — held the night before the Election — was Slagle’s first since declaring himself the “rightful leader” of the Horry County Republican Party in October.

“I think I’ll file it after the trial is over,” Slagle said of the bank deposits. “Of course, it will be in court. I can’t say more than that.

Amid leadership battle, new GOP chair Horry urges 'look at the treasure' in primary

“This coup attempt is closely related to Drew McKissick, the chairman of the state party, and the state party has no power to change the chair of the elected council,” Slagle said. “We’ll see how it goes, but we’re going to fight this. And if you’re on your side, I think we’re going to win.”

Slagle’s followers strongly supported Slagle’s plan to take legal action against the state party and the new GOP congressional leaders for refusing to accept him as the party’s true chairman.

When asked when he would do this, Slagle replied, “Soon.”

Slagle and his leadership team resigned in September amid allegations that state party leaders were meddling in local politics and lacked support for former President Donald Trump. .

Resigned Horry County GOP chair won't give money, social media to new leaders

The fight split the party leadership in one of South Carolina’s three GOP strongholds, and one where Trump remains popular.

Horry County is the fourth-largest county in the state, and Republican Gov. Henry McMaster often credits the county with helping him win elections. The region also provided significant support for Trump in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

The Horry County Republican Party will elect new leaders at a special meeting

State Republican Party officials did not say whether Slagle would participate in the party’s briefing, though they called the former chairman’s actions “disturbing.”

For Slagle’s supporters, the praise of state parties is irrelevant.

Ken Chisholm and Bill Radford of Myrtle Beach Republicans said they supported Slagle because his administration investigated alleged misappropriation of funds by previous administrations of the congressional party. Slagle and his administration have called the investigation one of the most important aspects of their tenure.

The Horry County GOP left without a leader after a tumultuous meeting

Both men, who joined the Horry County GOP two years ago, said they believe Slagle has made them more loyal to the party during his tenure.

“We’re here because we’re not RINO,” Radford said, using an acronym for “Republicans In Name Only,” which describes members who are considered less loyal to the group, to those who do not adhere to the ideas of the group. “We don’t care what Drew McKissick says.”

Horry County GOP leaders resign after Trump political battle

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