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While some legal and political experts predict legal consequences are imminent for former President Donald Trump’s actions in connection with the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, the Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for Justice.

“It’s too early to make that decision,” he said of jail time for Trump.

“If I’m still in the chair, I’m doing what the AG said [Merrick] Garland is now on the job, making a case against everyone involved,” Lynch continued. “But I’m going to look closely at the reasons and the perpetrators of that violence. And we’ve seen him he is working.

In a wide-ranging interview with GBH News reporter Saraya Wintersmith, Lynch also shared her thoughts on Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to sit on the Supreme Court – a role at the time as Attorney General Lynch was poised to be nominated following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016.

“I think the right person is in that seat at the right time,” he said. “I’m looking at Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, this generation’s Thurgood Marshall. He is still a minority. He is often in controversy. But his voice is still strong today.

Wintersmith also asked Lynch about his position at the law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, where he was involved in the investigation of large companies’ diversity, equity and integration practices – several which was introduced after the murder of George Floyd.

“Stakeholders in this process — you know, customers, employees, community members, shareholders — started turning to companies and saying, ‘Tell us. how are your projects going. Are you really making an impact?'” Lynch explained.

“So we are helping many companies assess the impact of many of the actions they have taken over the past few years. And that’s a big part of continuing that work and pushing that work forward.


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