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GP Singh Assam Special DGP

GP Singh (Assam Special DGP)

Assam Special DGP said on Tuesday, “After the travel restrictions were lifted in the wake of COVID, we have received information that some foreign nationals are visiting Assam and taking part in religious activities.”

GP Singh added that “foreign nationals were there on tourist visas.”

“After that, we notified all our locations and last month we got information that 17 Bangladeshi people came and did religious activities. We have very strong pictures as well as video evidence that they were participating. religious activities in the interior. Dibrugarh and Tinsukia areas,” Assam Special DGP further said.

After the Assam Police busted the ‘conversion racket’ of foreign nationals in the state, opposition parties Congress and AIUDF called it a ‘secession’.

On October 28, seven German nationals were reportedly deported from Assam, after being arrested by the Golaghat District Police.

According to high-level police sources, they attended meetings of religious missionaries in parts of Assam without valid visas. “They did not take the required missionary visa and violated the visa rules by attending religious missionary meetings,” a senior police officer told Times Now.

The arrest of the German nationals comes just a day after three Swedish nationals, Marcus, Hanna, and Susanna, were deported after paying a fine of USD 500 each for visa violations in Stockholm.


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