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Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the media has been heavily talking about his management style to this day, mostly negative. Many workers have been let go, and there is much to be said about Mr. Musk on staff. Most of Mr. Musk can decide if the organization is good. However, some of Mr. Musk faces labor law, and Twitter could take him to court.

Twitter Leave it

Almost took Mr. Musk said on Twitter that the company will lay off many of its employees. There are many legal issues that these employees need to be aware of.


First, the first round of investments will affect the Workforce Adjustment and Training Awareness (WARN) Act. This law requires covered employers to give 60 days’ notice when they intend to close a plant or begin layoffs of any size. Some former Twitter employees say they didn’t receive the previous notice.

Second, even though Twitter did not violate the WARN Act, some former employees are accusing Twitter of not providing them with promised benefits and rent, and this is a breach of contract. For example, some workers say they need at least two months’ rent, but they only get one month.

The recently filed lawsuit alleges Twitter violated the WARN Act and breached its contract with affected employees over severance pay and benefits.

Work Centers

The consequences of “active labor” may be debatable, but not illegal. Mr. Musk said he wants Twitter’s employees to “really work hard” and work “long hours and a lot of energy.” He’s also revising Twitter’s remote work policy. What was originally a work-from-home policy has been replaced with a policy that allows individuals to work from home “on a special basis for specific individuals.”

If these policies are not properly implemented, a workplace law may be violated. For example, reducing the ability to work from home and increasing the number of work hours will make it more difficult for workers with disabilities to receive reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. 1990 (ADA).

Generally, it is not a violation of the ADA for an employer to exceed a 40 hour work week. However, an individual employee with a disability covered by the ADA may require a temporary reduction in work hours as an accommodation.

A blanket requirement that employees work long hours violates the ADA rights of anyone living in such a situation. Remember that accommodations are temporary. Most courts prefer to consider a temporary reducing working hours, while leaving work as a homestay. Most long-term work-reduction needs are not considered reasonable accommodations under the ADA.

Even under the ADA, telephonic activity may be legitimate. A blanket, without a bend, can allow employees to return to the office and violate the ADA rights of a person who has a reasonable place to work on the phone. Twitter admits that changing its work-from-home policy is unusual, perhaps for those who stay put.

Another legal problem with this information is that a labor lawyer like myself could argue that it shows an unfair treatment of people with disabilities. In many cases, legal battles over the ADA will be resolved if the company engages in “real” negotiation. Although the ultimatum of Mr. Musk is illegal on its face, and one could argue that language inconsistent with the ADA would make it impossible for Twitter to engage in any kind of positive religious dialogue but to allow one-size-fits-all, or “my way or the highway”.

Gender Discrimination

It is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for an employer to discriminate against an employee based on sex. Although the orders of Mr. Musk doesn’t face gender discrimination, which could lead to problems if Twitter’s ax falls on women, research shows bear the brunt of the house, so they may not be able to do things like sleeping in the office. .

In addition, this kind of heroism can be emphasized in cases where women and men argue that they are reduced in their child care responsibilities, in some cases, it can be legal under the federal and state law. It’s easier to be an “adult” when you don’t have kids than when you have a new family at home.

Note that this does not mean that a parent has legal rights to employment facilities that are not available to an employee without children. However employers get into hot water when managers treat an employee based on the mistaken belief that a parent can’t be as “mature” as their childless employee at home, which is just sad.

No contests

I didn’t see Twitter’s disclaimer. But employees looking at an opt-out agreement should read the fine print to make sure there are no burdensome non-compete clauses embedded in the contract that would make it difficult to find similar work in the same location.

A three-month severance package is very valuable if you have not been able to work in your field for a year or more. It is better to refuse permission and avoid locking yourself out of the workplace for a long time.

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Twitter users and other commentators are concerned about the accuracy of Mr. Legally, it is not a crime. However, the broad brush approach makes Twitter’s actions subject to federal and state laws. Obviously, the last chapter has not been written about these events. Stay still.

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