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MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — The Lawyers and Legal Services of Wisconsin (LAW) held a panel Saturday evening at the Sherman Phoenix Market, informing tenants of their rights with the state.

They touched on some of the “top 20 questions” they receive from tenants, including topics about housing conditions and rental information.

According to Brittany Schoenick, a staff attorney at LAW, the goal is “to address some of the problems and legal issues that tenants may face before the eviction begins.”

“We know that most evicted tenants don’t have the same legal rights as most landlords,” Schoenick said. “We are here to educate renters about their rights as renters [and the] responsibilities and duties of the landlord to each other to maintain their property.”

Attorney General Raphael Ramos said he wants tenants to know “there are resources out there.”

“We know that tenants can benefit from additional information to help them navigate a complex system that is not designed for them,” Ramos said. “A lot of things that people do that seem like common sense answers are not necessarily the right answers under the law.”

Ramos said that in addition to reaching out to LAW, tenants can also get help from the Right to Counsel program, known as Eviction Free Milwaukee, which shows the law if it has been evicted. an expulsion.

Tenants with other housing-related issues can visit the Milwaukee rental housing resource center.

“What we really want is to get out, get involved in the community, [and] try to educate people to understand what these things are [and] let them know about their rights and responsibilities,” Ramos said. “Let them know that we are here as a resource to help them.”

Sonny Johnson, a Milwaukee landowner, said he learned a lot from Saturday’s event.

“Tenants have rights, they have a lot of different rights, and we as landlords have to look at this,” Johnson said. “I need to update my lease and the little things, just do it.”

If you missed the event, LAW is hosting another press conference on Wednesday, November 16 from 3 to 5 pm at Milwaukee Regional Technical College.


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