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If Garcelle Beauvais’ The teenager was attacked online by racist posts and other personal comments on Instagram, the fact that the whole of the Previous article jump into light mode to offer support to Garcelle and her family. After much discussion about who is in control of the doses, Diana Jenkins he said he would submit his formal investigation to the year. Now, he is revealing the details of who was behind the attack after all.

According to Radar Onlinea source close to Ania They were told that after reviewing the data he received from Meta, he focused on “Northern California linked to the ISTAMAM account: @queenEofthetea_.”

The source also speaks Radio reflection, “Diana very happy with this report. He can not wait to be able to concretely identify the person behind the attack and carry out their important work. ” Diana also shared this article on her Instagram page – revealing the news.

From observing the time and event, Ania a Garcelle not in a good place right now. Their problems begin to show during the final season of the film, and Diana is in serious trouble Sutton Stlecke. At the event, Garcelle asked her out and asked why she was “so exposed” to him. Diana did not attend the meeting where she was supposed to test positive for covid. It’s not that it’s not visible, because it’s not about the last 3-4 episodes of the season. Therefore, he was not able to give much speech at the event because he was virtual.

This is not the first time Garcelle’s The boy is the center of attention at the moment. Earlier, girls used to chat a lot with cameras and social media Erika Jayne Cursing a 14-year-old boy during his mother’s birthday. Next, there is a presentation showing the location Kyle Richards, Mauricio Umanksy, Pk Kemsley, a Dorit Kemsley laughing about it. Garcelle was furious and took to Twitter to voice her opinion. That same night, Erika was also seen at Garcelle’s cremation, Oliver was sold, make for a dark night. However, Rhob It’s not the only place we see Oliver in the Bravaverse. There was a drama going on Vanderpump Rules The places that stand in the middle of it. We have to keep looking so that someone can see.

Tell us – are you happy to see progress in Diana’s investigation?

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