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Bungie’s legal battle over fraud appears to be in favor of developer Destiny 2 after a court decided to reject a lawsuit filed by fraud company AimJunkies.

As reported by TorrentFreak (and discovered by Eurogamer), US District Court Judge Thomas Zilly sided with Bungie after AimJunkies accused the developer of hacking someone’s computer fraud developer James May.

“May was unable to assert that Bungie accessed his computer and files without warrant,” Judge Zilly said. “In support of his allegation that Bungie accessed his personal computer, May relies on a document that Bungie provided when this project was discovered.”

He added: “However, May does not explain what this document is or how it describes the times when Bungie allegedly accessed his computer without authorization and took his personal information. .”

While the case is still ongoing, it may fall in favor of either party, and the AimJunkies case may break the original case filed by Bungie. The developer filed a lawsuit last year, claiming that AimJunkies violated its copyright laws by creating counterfeits.

Bungie’s claim was called “contrived and absurd” by the fraud company who said “Bungie and their consultants seem to believe that the more you throw at the wall, the more likely you are to stick to the court.”

It’s not clear how the decision was made or how the lawsuit was filed, but Bungie reached an agreement with another fraudulent company called Elite Boss Tech and was forced to pay $13.5 million in damages.

Bungie has ignored signs of cheating or cheating in its Destiny 2 community, as evidenced by these two lawsuits and another in which Bungie issued a virtual arrest for the person who posted the YouTubers to the fake DMCA takedown, the individual was eventually sued for $7.6 million.

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