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Room Offered at Jakka Beach Resort in Davao East (Facebook/Jakka Beach Resort)

A private resort has been challenged by guests who did not clean up before leaving their reserved rooms, sparking discussions about privacy.

Jakka Beach Resorta private beach resort in Davao Oriental, last November 6 called out two vloggers for allegedly leaving the rooms they were staying in in “chaos.”

In the post, the management of the resort reported that video bloggers “K’Nine Motovlog” and “Pobreng Laagan” stayed at the resort’s family villa.

However, after leaving, the management expressed concern as they allegedly left the villa in a complete mess.

Jacca also posted pictures of what their rooms look like after the inspection.

“We are deeply saddened that we have to endure such chaos in our family villa (photos published),” the statement said.

“We need you and we’re giving you the best you need, K’Nain Motovlog and Pobreng Laagan. We have considered your request and considered all your concerns, but this is what you have done to our villa, so what else can we say but THANK YOU. We hope you will not do the same with your future directions,” it added.

The photos show dirty plates, unkempt beds, empty bottles and other trash in various parts of the villa.

Soon, the publication caused a stir on the platform. It has since garnered 51,000 reactions, 8,000 comments and 47,000 shares.

However, management received mixed cheers and derision for challenging vloggers.

Some Filipinos agree with his opinion on the establishment’s cleanliness policy.

“Whether it’s a simple place or the most expensive hotel, property owners shouldn’t pay attention,” said a Facebook user.

Meanwhile, other users criticized the resort for allegedly violating guests’ privacy.

On Monday, November 7, Jakka released another statement to address these concerns.

“We sincerely apologize to the public that this matter has escalated. We do not intend to publicly shame or embarrass our resort guests by tagging them in our post. The only reason we have published unsightly photos of the resort is to inform the public,” the statement said.

Jacca added that management and vloggers have already settled the matter privately.

The privacy of guests must be protected

Many commentators have pointed out Jakka’s breach of privacy against vloggers.

“This is alarming as private establishments must adhere to the PRIVACY POLICY of their guests. You DO NOT share your guests’ information without their consent,” said one Facebook user.

“As someone who has been in the hospitality industry for several years here in the western part of the world, the first mistake in this post is the guest tags. Guest privacy is extremely important,” said another.

Unauthorized disclosure of a data subject’s personal information is one of the actions prohibited under Data Privacy Act 2012.

Section 12 of the law stated that the processing of personal data can be considered lawful only with the consent of the data subject.

Those who disclose personal information without consent can be jailed for up to three years and fined up to £1m, as set out in section 32 of the act.

Answer by K’Nayn Motovlog and Pobreng Laagan

Pobreng Laagan was the one who posted his response to Jakka on November 6th.

Laagan also criticized the management for releasing their personal information to the public.

“To the resort, I understand you want to post this for AWARENESS, but it became redundant after you tagged us and disclosed your guest information. WHAT SHOULD NOT, she said.

Laagan ended her post by thanking her and K’Nain Motovlog’s followers for still defending them despite the controversy.


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