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A conference at the University of Virginia School of Law will bring together 200 experts from around the world who are interested in the analysis of law and legal institutions.

The 16th Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies will be held November 4-5. The program is sponsored by UVA Law, the Society for Empirical Legal Studies and the school’s Center for Empirical Studies in Law.

Anne-Marie Slaughter will give the keynote address Nov. 4 at 6:30 pm in Caplin Pavilion. Slaughter is the Bert G. Kerstetter ’66 Professor of Political and International Affairs at Princeton University, former dean of the Princeton School of Public Affairs and world, and CEO of New America.

Professors Michal Barzuza, Kevin Cope and Quinn Curtis are chairing the conference.

“Empirical legal research is important because it shows the real impact of law, judges, courts and policies, and we can address important issues with concrete data, ” said Curtis. “In many cases, the effects of legal changes are surprising and unpredictable, and empirical evidence is needed to understand real-world consequences.”

Participants will present papers that engage in formal and experimental scholarship on legal issues relevant to all areas of formal legal research. Papers, selected through a peer review process, will be presented in bulletins, with speakers for each paper and opportunities for audience discussion.

“UVA Law has approximately two dozen research scholars, including scholars working in the fields of economics, politics, psychology, finance and other fields,” he said. Cope. “Among other things, CELS is an opportunity for UVA to showcase this expertise with more than 200 of the world’s leading legal experts.”

Participating UVA Law faculty include Barzuza, Cope, Curtis and Professors Thomas Frampton, George S. Geis, Thomas Haley, Andrew Hayashi, Cathy Hwang, Rich Hynes, Jason S. Johnston, Julia Mahoney, Paul G. Mahoney, John Monahan, Richard Schragger, Barbara Spellman, Megan Stevenson, Pierre-Hugues Verdier and Mila Versteeg. Barzuza, Hwang, Paul G. Mahoney, Stevenson and Versteeg are presenting papers.

The CELS Project Committee consists of Hayashi, Hwang, Hynes, Monahan, Spellman, Stevenson, Verdier, Versteeg and Professors Naomi Cahn, Joshua Fischman, Mitu Gulati, David Law, Michael Livermore, Dotan Oliar, Kimberly Jenkins Robinson and Rip Verkerke.

Other UVA participants include Professors Ian Appel, Richard Evans and Pedro Matos of the Darden School of Business, and Professors David Chapman, Sheisha Kulkarni and David Smith of the McIntire School of Commerce.

A pre-meeting workshop on November 3 will focus on the real problem facing empirical research, given that recent studies have found a lot of irrefutable evidence of in biology and social work. To address the problem, official fields and publishers are beginning to impose requirements on researchers, such as mandatory disclosures related to funding, impact assessments, data, analytical articles and additional resources, registration of survey lists and determination of sample size. The workshop will cover techniques for conducting authentic research and developing research projects.

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