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First six months in London

Warsaw, Poland

Magic Circle law firm Clifford Chance has launched an internship contract in Poland with successful candidates starting in 2023.

The new TC will see six months of UK law enforcement at the firm’s London office in Canary Wharf before traveling to Poland’s capital, Warsaw, for the remaining 18 months. Trainees become qualified English lawyers upon completion of their training.

Although you don’t need to have previous legal experience to apply, candidates with good writing and communication skills, the right to live and work in Poland, and “strong ties to the region ” would be better for the purpose.

Applications are open for the Legal Cheek November UK Virtual Law Fair 2022

Legal Cheek He knows there aren’t many TCs in the industry to catch up.

The Warsaw office of the Magic Circle firm has had the opportunity to advise clients such as Allegro, the most popular e-commerce platform in Poland and the largest real estate transaction in Europe until 2022 to other things.

Earlier this summer we announced that CC had become the largest apprenticeship provider in the UK, having increased enrollment from 100 to 110. Legal Cheek The Most Industrious 2023 list shows that trainees in London will earn a salary of £50,000 in the first year, rising to £55,000 in the second year. Rates for newly qualified partners are £125,000.

This month the agency said it had received 5,804 applications for its UK training contract with SPARK programs in the last recruitment cycle. That’s an increase of 52% and 127%, respectively, from 2018.


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