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Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has urged his cabinet colleagues, legislators and bureaucrats to “change their mindset” and work towards ensuring that the state moves up the development ladder by “at least two levels” by 2026.

It is time for Assam to “re-emerge” as a developed state, Mr. Sarma made this clear while inaugurating ‘Chintan Shivir’ here.

“Assam can no longer live with the scars of the fact that its place in the country’s development can only be counted from the bottom, not from the top… We must live with dignity and always come back to it.” near the Aid Center,” he said.

There are many development indicators that can be changed in the next two to three years “if we work together and decisively, we must decide how Assam can rise to at least two levels.” by 2026,” said the Chief Minister.

He noted that “at the time of independence, Assam’s per capita income was higher than the national average” and the journey of the past 75 years should be one of development, growth and ambition.

The situation, however, changed after independence, primarily due to certain events such as the Great Earthquake of 1950, the negative and immediate effects of part of it, the revolution, and others “which led to a mentality not compatible with proper work practice”.

Mr. Sarma said that there is no need to make visions of the next 50 years, as no one knows who will live until then to see its implementation or review.

“We are in a hurry, and we need to see what we can contribute to 2026 … In the last few years, it has been seen … that the mentality has entered the minds of ministers and bureaucrats, and they have almost accepted that Assam can no longer be a developed state. This mindset needs to change and decision makers must dream of a developed Assam.”

“I strongly believe that the central government will never neglect our regional administration. If we see the allocation of the budget and the investment made by the center, we will know that we have failed together and we blame them to save our face,” he said.

‘Chintan Shivir’ is organized to debate and discuss various issues in a positive and creative manner so that new ideas emerge, the CM added.


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