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CANTON, Miss. According to him when they stood to stand in the election last year, they were candidates and independent citizens.

Now the mayor is urging them to cancel the recent elections.

“Five members of my board have decided that they can use taxpayer money to pay their legal bills to their personal attorneys,” Mayor Truly said.

It’s true that two weeks ago, the board voted 5-2 to move forward with paying $60,000 for some of the seniors’ legal fees through the 2021 election. In the agreement , the loans are paid for eight months.

However, the mayor vetoed the decision Tuesday and said there was no documentation of the board’s receipt of the money. Instead, the board came back to override the mayor’s veto.

“As mayor, I would like to inform these aldermen that you cannot use taxpayers’ money or city funds to pay these legal costs that you have incurred by having candidates for the election contest in 2021,” said Mayor Truly.

While the mayor disputed the aldermen’s decision, he acknowledged that Canton attorney Kimberly Banks said there was something the board could do.

In fact, Banks says the four aldermen, Fred Esco, Tim Taylor, Alderwomen Mon Gilkey, and Rodriquez Brown, received an opinion from the Attorney General’s office that “agreed” to pay their bills. law by the city. Disagree…

“They trusted his opinion, they didn’t listen to me, they didn’t listen to the state attorney general’s office, they didn’t care about Mississippi laws that prohibit this behavior, they just trusted His opinion is something I have never seen before. .” Told the truth.

Mayor Truly is now demanding that all seniors revoke their votes or take them to court.

“I want all the seniors to cancel their vote,” he said. “If we have to go to court for this we will do it. I’m not going to allow the money to be taken away because the city attorney says he has an opinion that no one saw except him.”

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