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California was the first state to start a digital license plate enrollment program, but now it’s out of a pilot program and going nationwide for those who need one. Thanks to a recent bill (AB-984) that just passed, it is now legal for the entire state of California to operate digital license plates.

Your options for buying digital plates are limited to one company: Reviver. Today, Reviver says, about 10,000 California cars are driving around with its plates as part of a pilot program. That number will no doubt increase as news spreads about the new law being passed allowing people to buy it.

If you haven’t seen or heard of digital plates from Reviver before, be aware that they use a monochromatic HD display that can be switched between light or dark modes (black or white background ). It’s battery-powered — Reviver claims a five-year battery life — but if you’re a retail customer, Reviver offers a smart phone solution that uses power from a 12-volt battery. vehicle.

Why would you want one? The main reason is aesthetics. You may prefer a monochromatic look for your car more than the other plate options available. You can also write a personal message that can be found on the bottom of the plate. “Renew” can be set to appear automatically, so your digital display will indicate the year and month of your registration – no stickers required. Reviver says its plates work in temperatures between minus-40 degrees and 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Future features Reviver says include family services and alerts, stolen car reporting and recovery location, payment system integration, vehicle inspection and maintenance indicators, additional DMV transactions and parking and other paid services.

How much does all this cost? You can simply subscribe to Plate starting today, and you’ll pay $19.95/month for 48 months. If you want to make a lump sum, a four-year subscription costs $215.40 per year. A commercial license plate is available for $24.95/month or $275.40 per year for four years. Professional installation of that plate is $150.

Correction: An earlier version of this article said the price of a four-year subscription was $215.40, but the correct price was $215.40 per year for four years.

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