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June 18, 2022 4:34 p.m IST

New Delhi [India] June 18 (ANI/ATK): Bijayi noted that the development of siled systems and mass data collection has left Internet users with very little autonomy. The company that can collect the most data wins, and everyone else loses. Our data is stuck in systems that we as citizens and consumers have no control over.
The web was meant to be a means of accessing information and helping us stay connected even when we are at home. Today, however, it has become an unlimited gateway into our lives, minds and homes, often used by companies and organizations we don’t even know.
Bijaei, founded in 2021, launched, the first platform to introduce the innovative idea of ​​”owning a stake in the Internet privately”. is built on a solid foundation. To fully understand this, you need to understand the difference between “Create an Account” and “Create a Houm”.

Conceptual and technical difference between “Account Creation” and “Houm Creation”.
Bijaei stated that on the Internet, whenever you want to use a product or service, you first need to create an account with the company that offers that product or service. This account is maintained by this organization in their systems, and everything you do with them is done under this account. Your account does not have an independent identifier on the Internet, but is a collective space in the organization’s systems. Anyone who wants to access your account will absolutely have to go through the organization that created your account because your account is buried in that organization’s systems. This organization has access to and can analyze everything you do on that account and know everyone you’ve interacted with from that account. There is no room for privacy here.
When you create a Houm, you are not creating a Houm Technology Private Limited affiliate account. You create your own separate, independent identity on the Internet with your own domain name. Your Houm with your own domain is available to anyone directly without going through or verifying with Houm technology. Houm Technology does not need or play the role of big brother in every interaction you have with anyone – you can do it privately. Consumers also have full control over their data, and no one else, including Houm technology, can view or analyze your data inside your Houm. Consumers can share, chat and call people without any other organization knowing. Keep their valuable documents and precious photos. All this without any fear of being tracked and analyzed by any person or any organization or its systems. No one else can log in, access or see what’s in your digital home. Not even Houm Technology. You can build Houm and test the product at or Android or iOS.
Bijay Jayaraj is a graduate of the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad (ISB). Houm Technology is Bijaei’s second venture. Bijaei’s first venture Loyalty Rewardz was acquired by BillDesk for US$100 million. Houm Technology, an Indian startup, aims to bring digital privacy back to consumers by creating the concept of private individual ownership on the Internet.
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