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Assam, like many other parts of the country, witnessed the last lunar eclipse of the year on Tuesday.

Since the time of moonrise in the region was after the beginning of the eclipse, its initial phase was not visible here, Guwahati Planetarium curator Babul Bora said.

The eclipse started at 2.39 pm, the total phase of the eclipse was 3.36 pm. But the moonrise in Guwahati was at 4.34 pm, so the phenomenon was visible after here,” he said.

“Total eclipse till 5.12 pm and also partial eclipse till 6.19 pm was visible in Guwahati,” he added.

Bora said cities further east of Guwahati, such as Dibrugarh and Jorhat, witnessed a prolonged eclipse.

He also said that no special arrangements have been made for viewing the event as the eclipse can be seen without any equipment to protect the eyes.

“Filters are needed to watch the solar eclipse but the eclipse can be seen with the naked eye,” said Bora.

He also urged the public not to add any myths to the solar eclipse as there is no scientific evidence to support the belief that eating during the eclipse will cause problems.

“Eclipse is like the play of light and shadow. Shadow cannot be defined as good or bad. In the past people did not understand the science behind it and were afraid, but it should not happen now,” Bora added. .

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