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GUWAHATI: The Assam government has sent a letter to the Center to blacklist 10 citizens from Germany and Sweden, who were deported last week for violating rules by visiting religious congregations on tourist visas, as well as their organizations to prevent them from getting Indian visas in the future.
Assam’s Special DGP GP Singh said, “In all these cases, we have written to the Center even though our special branch is blacklisting these people and their organizations for issuing visas in future.”
Singh said, “There are various activities that people can do even on missionary visas and one of these is religious. Activities related to proselytizing are expressly prohibited on all types of visas, including missionary visas. So, this is something that catches our attention.”
The Special DG said that all the SPs have been instructed that anywhere, regardless of religion, if there is a religious sermon or a congregation where foreigners are present, we have to protect them because according to the law, anyone who wants to To come here to preach religion, they must take a missionary visa. If they are coming on a tourist visa and practicing religious practices, then it is illegal.
Singh said after the recent deportation of three Swedes from Dibrugarh and 7 Germans Golaghat In violation of the visa law, the police registered two cases each in the two districts. “We have two cases, the main purpose of the investigation is to find out what was the organization of Indian citizens in the whole sector and what was the real purpose of visiting these people. We have evidence that they (foreigners) are participating. religious gatherings, but we want to know whether their purpose was only to preach religion or something else, including religion,” Singh added.
Assam has ordered a crackdown on clandestine religious activities in the state after rounding up and deporting 27 foreigners – 17 Bangladeshis, three Swedish nationals and seven Germans – less than six weeks after they were found to be preach religion by breaking visa laws.


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