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NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued a notice to the Assam government against a Gauhati High Court order that upheld the Assam government’s decision to convert existing madrasas into government schools.

The Supreme Court’s February 4 verdict was challenged by 13 petitioners who challenged the Assam Repeal Act 2020 which was enacted by two laws – the State Madrasa Education Act 1995 and the Assam Madrasa Education (State Personnel Services and Reforms) Act Madrasa Educational Institutions) in 2008, stopped.

On Tuesday, a bench of Justices Ajay Rastogi and CT Ravikumar issued a notice to the Assam government, the Assam education department, the Board of Higher Education and the Assam assembly secretary.

The petitioners claimed that the Supreme Court’s order failed to recognize the fact that Islamic madrasas were built and run by minority communities, in accordance with the constitution.

However, the HC said that these madrassas were funded by the government and all the teachers and professors in the institutions were government employees. The Supreme Court said that those institutions will be covered by Article 28(1) of the constitution which does not allow religious education in educational institutions and is completely protected from government property.


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