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GUWAHATI: Assam on Tuesday announced to cancel 8,000 permanent teaching posts in state-run schools as part of the fiscal prudence required to pay salaries and increase other benefits to 11,000 teachers. a contractor that maintains the primary education mission of the government.
The number of school teachers in the state at the primary level (grades 1 to 8) has already declined from 2.15 lakh in 2020-21 to 2 lakh in 2021-22, according to the latest report by District Information System for Education (UDISE) Plus. , published by the Union Ministry of Education.
The decision to eliminate the permanent posts is an extension of the May 2020 cabinet decision that 8,000 sanctioned posts will be removed from the state directorate of primary education, the minister of education. Ranoj Pegu he said.
The teachers employed on contract under the Axom Sarba Siksha Abhiyan Mission have been working in high and primary schools in the state since 2017.
“The Government of Assam has decided in 2020 to provide regular pay scales, along with all other benefits, including service up to 60 years, to 11,206 LP/UP teachers working under SSAPegu wrote on his Twitter account. “Since the frozen posts will remain until the retirement of the contract teachers, the government deems it prudent to abolish the financial discipline.
“Assam needs more teachers. About 3,000 government-run primary schools still have one or two teachers each. Why can’t the government hire contract teachers and make permanent posts instead of eliminating vacancies?” The general secretary of the teachers union Ratul Goswami he said. The union suspects that the new policy is meant to put pressure on contract teachers. “They can be fired anytime if they go against the government’s policies,” Goswami said.


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