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In an unusual incident, a small businessman in Assam recently made news by paying Rs 50,000 in coins to fulfill his dream of owning a bicycle. Suranjan Roy – a resident of Ramkrishna Nagar in Assam’s Karimganj district – bought his dream bike by paying Rs 50,000 in coins that he had saved over the years.

According to an ANI report, Suranjan visited a TVS showroom near his neighborhood last Saturday and expressed his desire to sell the bike to the showroom staff by depositing Rs 50,000 in coins.

He came to the showroom on Saturday evening to deposit the amount as a discount,” said Barnali Paul, a showroom employee.

“At first we were shocked after seeing the sack full of coins, but later, we talked to our owner and decided to hand it over to the man,” the employee added.

According to Suranjan Roy, he has been saving up the coins for the past few years for the sole purpose of buying his dream bike.

This is not the first time that someone has tried to pay such a large number of coins while buying a car.

Recently, another buyer in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand also paid Rs 50,000 in Rs 10 coins for the down payment of the new Jupiter TVS.

The person brought 5,000 coins of Rs 10 each to pay a sum of Rs 50,000, after which an authorized TVS showroom representative started counting the amount. A video of the incident where all the Rs 10 coins were collected in bundles and the counting agent went viral on social media.

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