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A man in Assam’s Karimganj district bought a bicycle in exchange for a sack full of coins, which he had saved for the last few years.

Suranjan Roy, a resident of Karimganj Ramkrishna Nagar and a small business owner, has been dreaming of buying a bicycle for a long time, as reported by news agency ANI.

Roy was shopping on Saturday evening at a TVS showroom near his locality, after he went there and expressed his desire for a bike to the staff.

An employee of the Barnali Paul showroom told ANI that they showed Roy an “Apache 160 4V bike” as per his wish. “After seeing the bike, the man told us he had it 50,000 coins and he wants to buy it [the two-wheeler] in terms of finance by depositing the money as a discount,” she was quoted as saying.

She added that at first they were shocked when they saw the sack full of coins, but later they discussed the matter with the owner and “decided to take the man to the bike”.

Roy said he had saved the coins for the sole purpose of buying a bicycle.

One of the videos shared by ANI shows the coins being counted, while another shows Roy riding the bike.

A similar incident happened in July this year in Nadia district of West Bengal where a man named Subrata Sarkar bought a bicycle using saved coins. 1.8lakh Traders started saving Rs2 coins in November 2016 due to reduced cash flow. Before the sale, his family counted the stocks and arranged them in five sacks each 10,000. Later, Sarkar hired a rickshaw man and sent the bags and two different bags to the showroom to buy the bike.


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