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GUWAHATI: Around 2,500 private madrasas in Assam will henceforth need to get any teaching staff from outside the state verified by the police as part of the government’s monitoring process. to prevent the “Jihad element” from passing through.
The reason behind the move, which came on the back of the BJP-led government converting all government-run madrassas into public schools, was apparently the arrest of at least 10 jihadists for allegedly working under the guidance of theology. One of them is a suspected Bangladeshi.
The administrations of the private schools said that they stand with the government and will comply with the law as long as the administration does not interfere with their work. “Our request to the government is to allow us to continue the process of teaching theology in madrasas,” he said. Abdul Qadir Qashimigeneral secretary of All Assam Tanzim Madaris Qaumiya, headed by MP Badruddin Ajmal.
DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, state director of higher education Mamta Hojai and representatives from five private madrasa committees met on Wednesday to set the new rules, which include that no two madrasas can operate less than 3km apart. Madrasahs are also required to have at least 100 students each. The boards have until December 1 to post details of all affiliated madrassas on the relevant government website, including information about the land where they are located.
Police have arrested 84 people since 2016 on charges of jihadi activities, 10 of whom were found to be linked to madrassas.


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