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On Wednesday, the Assam government asked the state’s private universities to provide detailed information about their institutions including the location and profile of the teachers employed. The state said that the information will be delivered to the Department of Higher Education of the state government by December 1.

According to reports, the decision was taken in a meeting at the Assam police headquarters in the presence of director general of police (DGP) Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta, director of higher education Mamata Hojai, and other government officials. . The meeting was also attended by representatives of madrasas such as All Assam Tanzim Madaris Qaqmiya, All Assam Talimi Taraqqi Board, Madarsa Education Board Al Hafiz, and Adara Madaris Islamia which manages the private Madaris of the state.

“Schools must submit information to the directorate of higher education through the institutions they work under,” the official was quoted as saying. Rajib Sakia, CRPO of Assam also said that a website will be created where information of all private Madrasas will be uploaded. “The website will be launched soon”, Sakia said.

Meanwhile, DGP Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta said that police verification will be made mandatory for those from outside the state to join as teachers in private Madrasas. “There should be at least 3 km distance between the two Madars and the Madras enrollment should be at least 100 students”, he added.

Earlier in July this year, the state government busted several terrorist groups that were being run from the Madrasah. Later the Madrasa named Jamiul Huda Madrasa was also destroyed under Disaster Management Act & UAPA Act. According to the administration, this madrasa was built and operated without any permission, and it was providing electricity illegally.

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma then said that the state has become a hotbed of Jihadi activities, with terrorist units being created in madrasas. “Jihadi activities in Assam have become a matter of great concern, as several groups of Bangladeshi migrant jihadis have been arrested by the police. The aim of the airport was to educate the youth about Sharia law,” he said.

Later, the government established several regulations for Islamic schools to follow. The government closed all government-run airports and turned them into public schools. Several private madrassas in the region were also investigated following the arrest earlier this year of teachers from these institutions who were accused of having links with Al-Qaeda in India (AQIS) and the Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT). ).

In September this year, the Assam DGP held a meeting with representatives of Muslim groups to discuss the issue and asked them to help prevent jihadist groups from running mosques and airports. He asked many small airports that were formed by individuals without any management board to join the big corporate airports. He also asked the Muslim leaders to include general subjects such as mathematics, science, computer, geography, history etc. apart from religious subjects.

According to reports, 47 people this year, including teachers, were arrested in the region on suspicion of having links with fundamentalist organizations. Assam Police has also handed over one case to NIA.


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