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Assam Chief Minister – Himanta Biswa Sarma today held a review meeting on the ‘Draft Tea Policy’ and proposed to make it reflective of the needs of the concerned parties.

During the meeting, the officials suggested that the ‘Assam Tea Policy’ should be made broad-based and aligned with the requirements of the industry.

Taking to Twitter, the Assam CM wrote “Tea being the biggest industry in Assam, we are committed to its growth.

Held a meeting to review the draft tea policy & proposal to make it more reflective of stakeholder needs. It is also proposed to make the Assam Tea Policy broad-based, aligned with industry requirements. “

It is worth noting that the northeastern region of Assam produces more than 50% of the total tea production in India, and approximately 12% of the world production.

Therefore, the regional administration has greatly contributed to the growth of this sector, including the deep importance of the socio-economics of the region.

On the other hand, the CM today released a report on “Effects and Livelihoods in Rural Assam” prepared by the Innovation and Transformation Aayog (SITA).

During the event, the Assam CM directed the agency to share the report with the departments and hold a brainstorming session involving the Revenue, Agriculture and Water Departments to implement the report.

Taking to Twitter, the Assam CM wrote “Released a report on ‘Floods and Impact on Livelihoods in Rural Assam’ by SITA. He asked SITA to share the report with the departments and hold a brainstorming session. involve the departments of revenue, agriculture and water to implement the report.”

“I am happy that SITA is working according to its mandate to fulfill the wishes of the people of Assam. I also thank the faculty of Cotton University for preparing the report.” – he continued.


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