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Guwahati: Inaugurating a world-class eye health hospital with latest technology supported by a team of trusted doctors, Center For Sight group of eye hospitals has taken another step towards providing quality eye care services in good in north east India.

The dignitaries who attended the event included Keshab Mahanta, Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Information, Technology, Science & Technology, Government of Assam, Queen Ojha, Member of Parliament, Guwahati Assam along with many other scholars. from different sides.

Keshab Mahanta, Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Information Technology, Science & Technology, Government of Assam speaking on the occasion said “I welcome Center For Sight to Guwahati and am happy to see the achievements of this organization. They have made significant advances in technology, expertise and infrastructure available to patients, making it an ideal place to stop eye care. The opening of the hospital will usher in a new era of eye care in Guwahati and the surrounding region. Center For Sight will bring affordable and quality eye care to this region”.

Queen Ojha, Member of Parliament, Guwahati Assam also said, “This hospital is well equipped with a team of modern and renowned doctors and we believe that when it comes to Center For Sight, the people of the North East will benefit.” “will benefit”.

“India has more than 12 million blind people which makes India home to one third of the world’s blind people. There is growth in advanced specialization and advanced eye care but still, it is not evenly distributed across India. We are on a mission to bring affordable world-class eye care to every part of India, because at Vision Center, we believe that every eye deserves the best”, said Dr Mahipal Singh Sachdev, Chairman and Managing Director, Group Vision Center, Eye Hospitals.

With 50+ locations covering over 30 cities in India and serving 10Lac+ patients every year, Vision Center now also operates in Guwahati.

The center specializes in providing complete eye care services from Advanced Cataract solutions for Diabetic Disease, glaucoma and all types of complex surgeries along with providing affordable comprehensive eye care services all under one roof making it an ideal destination. One stop eye care. The center will be strengthened with major PSU’s & TPA’s have already organized comprehensive Eye check up camps for people of North East. Also, the Center has an ophthalmology wing, CFS Vision that offers complete eye contact solutions.

The center is equipped with all the latest and advanced machines to provide you with world-class eye care.

Incisional cataract surgery (MICS) with phacoemulsification (phaco) is followed by insertion of advanced foldable lenses – trifocal, multifocal, toric, EDOF, and advanced design lens (IOL). It’s a simple, step-by-step procedure – No stitches, no bleeding, painless surgery with fast healing, and post-operative recovery.

Center For Sight offers comprehensive medicine, and surgical management of complex vitreous eye diseases with the best possible results. Cases of diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, and cataracts are treated by experienced eye surgeons using the most advanced machines.

The Guwahati campus is spread over an area of ​​7,000 sq. ft. with the latest diagnostics and modern operating theaters with modern technology.

(Reporting by Hemanta Kumar Nath)


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