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Apple Inc. AAPL he has settled one of his ongoing lawsuits AirPods The technology before the second trial is due to begin, but another trial is still hanging over the head of the technology leader.

What happened: A patent lawsuit between a hands-free phone manufacturer Pinn and Apple has settled out of court, Appleinsider reported (via Law 360). The terms of the settlement are not yet known.

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Pinn previously claimed that Apple’s AirPods infringed on several patents owned by the company.

The lawsuit began in 2019 when Pinn said the Tim Cook-The company was guided by the knowledge of the use of intellectual property that was given in special letters during the development of Airpods.

Pinn approached the iPhone manufacturer and technology in October 2016. Apple responded in 2017 and made the offer, the report said.

In December 2016, Apple released the original AirPods. Patent letters from Apple show that they have been working on the technology since 2015.

In August, a pre-trial hearing on jury misconduct ended.

What is important: Apple may have settled this lawsuit out of court but is facing another one related to AirPods. The name is a patent troll New Products Apple is being sued for allegedly infringing on patents related to noise cancellation technology.

Apple said by removing the infringing features to save itself from further damages related to this case.

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