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A video of a lion prowling at night has been shared on social media. The post description read ‘ Bilbari lion in Kalkaali district Karimganj. There is tension in the area.’ Let’s fact-check this video in this article.

Claims: Footage of a lion roaming in the Bilbari of Kalkali in Karimganj district, Assam.

Fact: This video was originally filmed on Sabi Sabi in South Africa exclusively for sports archives. Uploaded to Sabi Sabi Reserve’s YouTube channel on 27 October 2020. So the claim of this post is LIE.

A keyword search on the internet to find out if there are news reports about lion sightings in Assam did not turn up any relevant information. Then we did a video scan on the internet and made a few video clips to find the source of the video, which the post claims was filmed in Assam. This investigation led us to an extended view of the virus’s profile.

The video description says,In the dark… one of N’waswishaka’s male lions is slowly moving around on a land patrol. What a wonderful moment in time. Video by Matt Temperley’. Posted in verified channel called SabiSabiReserve on 27 October 2020. Sabi Sabi Reserve is a private game reserve in South Africa.

All in all, an old video of a lion roaming the Sabi Sabi Reserve in South Africa is shared with a video filmed in Assam.

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