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AFTER 50 years Ohio has been an arbiter of presidential elections, since 2011 North Carolina has been a testing ground for Far Right legislation aimed at regulating the state’s election administration. In his book bad meeting, Author Gene R. Nichol says North Carolina is now “a laboratory for extremism.”

In September, the Supreme Court put on its docket a Republican-backed case from North Carolina that challenged voters in the state legislature seeking to increase its influence on elections by limiting the ability of state judges to review legislative actions. . This may eliminate the basic checks and balances necessary for a functioning democracy by giving one body absolute power over a government function.

Although the specific case of Moore v. Harper about the North Carolina Supreme Court’s power to strike down state laws that made electoral districts illegal, the state Supreme Court will decide whether the election clause of the US Constitution, the primary source. of the constitutional right to conduct elections, prevents the federal judiciary from ordering a state legislature to comply with state election laws.

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