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Greenville, Mich. – The Greenville Department of Public Safety says there was an active shooter situation near a school Wednesday, leading to one arrest.

N. Hillcrest, W. Officers responded to the area of ​​Blackburn Streets just before 5pm on Wednesday after callers reported a “loud bungalow” and “gunshots”.

It is near Greenville Middle School.

Greenville shooting

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They say two vehicles were shot at while driving through the area. Gunshots were heard from a house in Blackburn while police were investigating.

That’s where police say a man inside the house actively opened fire.

Police say the suspect was inside the house at the time of the incident and there was no danger to the rest of the neighborhood or the nearby school. However, the department received several reports of damage to other vehicles in the area.

Greenville shooting

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Officers surrounded the home and spoke with the suspect who came outside and arrested him.

“The safety of the officers and the safety of the community come first. When you respond to calls like this, it depends on the training we’ve received. Specifically, not only within our department, but with our mutual aid partners, in this case, the Michigan State Police and the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office. The first thing that goes through our minds is to work together and determine that we can safely take the person into custody,” Greenville Department of Public Safety Interim Director Brian Blomstrom told FOX 17 at the scene Wednesday night. “And, of course, making sure he doesn’t escape the scene so the rest of the community isn’t negatively affected.”

The Greenville Public Schools superintendent sent out notices Wednesday to families in the district to inform them of the situation.

Superintendent Wayne Rodel said in an email that the shooting happened near the middle school in Hillcrest; However, he clarified that this was done no Included in the school.

Greenville Public Schools "The situation"

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Blomstrom says a woman was also living inside the home at the time of the incident. She was taken to the hospital for “other types of medical issues unrelated to this incident.”

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