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On the face of it, the Acer ‘Limitless’ H series 50-inch UHD TV is almost indistinguishable from its similarly sized peers and that’s a good thing. For most people, 50 inches is a lot of TV screen real estate and — unless you’re a brand snob — it does a respectable job in terms of audio and video.

I’m a tech nerd first and a reporter second. As the first, I have three major passions in life – televisions, gaming, and smartphones.

Now, it can be argued that the first two go hand in hand, although there are some people who swear by using gaming consoles with dedicated gaming monitors. But for me, size does The great content and immersion that a big screen TV provides in gaming is not difficult to replicate on a smaller screen.

And for this reason, I always window shop for big screen TVs and consider myself well informed in that department. So when Acer contacted me to review their latest offering, a 50-inch Ultra HD TV, I was more than happy to oblige.

On the face of it, the Acer ‘Limitless’ H series 50-inch UHD TV is almost indistinguishable from its similarly sized peers and that’s a good thing. For most people, a 50-inch TV screen is plenty of real estate and unless you’re an expert or a brand snob – which most people aren’t – it’s good enough for your everyday TV needs.

Don’t get me wrong – the Acer TV isn’t perfect. It is missing one of two main features that you would expect TVs to have in 2022. But it is not alone in this. All TVs in this price range – around Rs 30,000 – are missing these features which I’ll get to in a minute, but it’s just the price you pay, literally, for an affordable 4K big screen TV.

The user interface should be instantly familiar to anyone who has used a smart TV – out of the box, the TV is powered by Android 11.


The Acer 50UHD has a peak brightness of 420 nits, which is good enough even for a well-lit screen – trust me, you don’t want your TV so bright it burns your retinas – and it comes with HDR10+ compatibility, Dolby Vision, MEMC, Blue Light Reduction, 4K upscaling. These are real life quality aspects that one can visually appreciate in television, the rest are numbers that won’t be of much use in real life.

HDR means high dynamic range. Basically, it theoretically means that the TV displays an accurate range of views even in dimly lit scenes. The Acer UHD performs as well as any other TV in this price range.

That said, the Acer aces the rest of the visual aspects. The MEMC reduces tearing – the screen can’t keep up with fast-moving scenes, causing a tearing effect – the reduction in blue light, which, although not physically measurable, may play off in the long run; and 4K upscaling ensures even HD-quality images that are pleasingly sharp and non-pixelated.

The TV comes with three HDMI 2.1 ports — the current industry standard. HDMI 2.1 offers higher data transfer compared to 2.0, allowing for better fidelity and visuals.

Another constant is the sound quality. Usually on TVs this thin, the first thing to sacrifice is sound quality as it is physically impossible to fit speakers that produce deep, rich sounds into a thin frame.

Televisions have rectified this in the last few years and the ACER 50UHD takes full advantage of that. Equipped with 60-watt HIFI PRO speakers with Dolby Atmos, not once during my week of testing did I feel like I was missing sound. They are relaxed bassy, ​​punchy, and provide a rich sound while watching a movie, show or playing a video game.


The Acer 50UHD, for around Rs 30,000, is as good as it gets. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better piece of equipment at this price, although almost every TV in this price bracket offers a similar experience.

In short, if you buy the TV, you are unlikely to regret it. It’s hard to go wrong with this one.


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