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The Acer I-series 55-inch is an affordable smart TV and at this price, we don’t expect much from TV manufacturers. The Acer I-series 55-inch is no masterpiece either. However, the quality of plastic used here is good quality and doesn’t feel cheap at all. We didn’t notice any flex or rough edges or build quality issues here.

The quality of the stand, despite being made of plastic, is really good and manages to keep the TV stable and wobble free when placed on the table.

In short, Acer has not cut corners when it comes to build quality. In addition, the company has also provided a good selection of ports including 3xHDMI ports with eARC support, 2xUSB Type-A ports, an Ethernet port, an antenna port and an audio jack.

Our unit had a 55-inch 4K UHD panel with HDR10+ with HLG support. Apart from that, the TV supports additional features like Micro Dimming, Digital Noise Reduction, Dynamic Contrast and so on.

Talking about the quality, the only issue we had is that the panel needs some manual effort to reach its true potential. What we mean by that is that the TV’s default display setting could be a little better.

A few tweaks to the settings such as brightness, contrast and color levels changed the TV from good to better. We really enjoyed watching some shows and movies in 4K resolution.

We watched several 4K movies and shows like 6 Undergrounds, Lucifer, Manifest, etc on TV and were very impressed with the overall quality. The Micro Dimming technology seems to be doing its job well as we noticed deep black levels while watching.

The TV also comes with Digital Noise Reduction and Motion reduction technologies. During our testing, we didn’t notice ghosting issues or unnecessary noise in dark scenes. Which is great for a TV of this price.

Another important thing we want to highlight is that UHD upscaling is also pretty impressive. We also watched a few shops and daily news through a DTH set-top box and the TV managed to upgrade them without looking artificial or over-processed.


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