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Residents of a local service district on the Acadian Peninsula have lost their legal challenge to where it will end as part of local government reform.

Many residents of Chiasson-Savoy protested the province’s decision to include their community in the new municipality of Île-de-Lamèque from January 1, 2023.

They said it would be better to put them in the city of Shippagan, where they were placed under the government’s white paper a year ago.

But Crown Court Justice Danie Roy ruled last week that the residents had failed to present their case.

“In my view, the minister’s decision was not a mistake,” he wrote.

Chiasson-Savoy is on the island of Lamèque but across the bridge from Shippagan.

Children from the local service area cross the bridge to attend school in Shippagan, and the community has helped fund the town’s fire service and swimming pool, which is used by resident.

Residents went to court in August to seek a judicial review of the decision to allow the community to join Île-de-Lamèque. The heart of that community is far from LSD.

The residents argued that Government Minister Daniel Allain’s decision was unfair because it was the period in which he reversed his initial decision to accommodate them in Shippagan, from February 4 to 15 , it didn’t take long to figure out the issues.

Some residents of Chiasson-Savoy said it would be better if they were included in the city of Shippagan, where it was placed under the government’s white paper a year ago.

But Roy said in his decision that the practical study and discussion that residents want for their community is not legal, and the government has many comments on the reforms.

“The fact that the applicant is not happy with the minister’s decision, if the minister could have made a different decision, is not enough to conclude that the decision was not correct.”

While some Chiasson-Savoy residents protested Allain’s decision, Roy said, others were happy.

“The population is divided,” he said. “However, my job is not to ask what decision I will make or to find a solution… I have to look at the correctness of the decision, especially the idea pursued and the result of the decision.”

In addition to making a fair decision, Allain has not violated the principle of procedural fairness, he said.

Gastien Godin, a representative of the residents who took the case to court, could not be reached to say if there will be an appeal.


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