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A legal battle is imminent if Governor Arif Mohammed Khan refuses to accept the law that has removed him as Chancellor of the state’s universities.

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) says the situation is dire if Mr. Khan is the law. It seems that Mr. Khan agreed to issue several executive orders, including the University (Amendment) Act and the Lok Ayukta (Amendment) Act.

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Raj Bhavan felt that the promulgation of executive orders was tantamount to delegation of legislative power of the Congress by the Executive and advised the government to avoid sound and legislative approach.

Must be signed by Mr. Khan Bills passed by Congress into law. The Governor has not returned the Bills to the government and his reasons for not passing the law.

The government was critical of the Raj Bhavan “sitting on the bills forever” and said the Raj Bhavan’s delay would prevent the administration from seeking legal recourse.

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The Secretary of State of the Conservative Party of India (Marxist) MV Govindan indicated that the government would introduce a Bill in the Assembly if Mr. Khan agrees to read the order disqualifying him as President.

The LDF also feared that the Raj Bhavan could delay the legislation by referring the order to the President, thus hurting the government’s chances of introducing it as a Bill in the Assembly. The government will seek legal recourse if such a situation arises.

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The Governor had earlier said that he had asked the government to remove him as Chancellor after he opposed the controversial appointment at Kannur University over allegations of nepotism.

In the words of Mr. Khan, the government urged him to continue as Principal and promised not to allow any further interference in the affairs of the university. However, Mr. Khan has gone back on his word.

The CPI(M) State Secretary met at the party headquarters at AKG House on Friday. However, it is not clear whether the closed meeting discussed the strong ties between the government and Mr. Khan, or a legal strategy will be weighed in relation to the chief minister’s latest controversy with the Raj Bhavan.


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