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Kevin H RhodesEVP & Chief Legal Officer i 3M MMMreported a large insider purchase on October 31, according to the new SEC release.

What happened: A Form 4 filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday showed that Rhodes sold 5,703 shares of 3M. The total transaction amount was $720,841.

3M shares were trading down 0.26% at $126.27 at the time of writing on Monday morning.

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Why internal transactions are important

Insider trading should not be used to make investment decisions, however, it may be an important factor for an investor to consider.

In legal terms, a “stakeholder” refers to a shareholder who owns 10% of the company. This can include executives in the c-suite and large hedge funds. These insiders must notify the public of their transactions through Form 4, which must be filed within two business days of the transaction.

When a company’s stockist buys new stock, it’s a sign that they’re expecting an increase in stock.

Insider sales, on the other hand, can be made for a variety of reasons, and it may not be because the buyer thinks the stock will go down.

Priority Transaction Code

Investors prefer to focus on transactions that occur in the open market, as indicated in Table I of Form 4 submission. A Q in Box 3 indicates a purchase, at the time S a selling point. Transaction code C indicates the conversion of an option, along with the transaction code A indicating that the insider may have been forced to buy shares in order to receive the promised payout when the company made the payment.

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