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On the first day of a coroner’s inquest, a jury was shown graphic surveillance video from inside an East Vancouver Canadian Tire where a 38-year-old man assaulted employees, held a customer hostage and stabbed a responding officer. .

Video from the Nov. 10, 2016, incident showed Daniel Rintoul in disguise approaching several employees standing behind the store’s firearms counter.

Outside the coroner’s court, sales representative Ryan Bostwick told the jury he was in the store at the time and described what he witnessed to CTV News.

“We had a guy come in and bring a can of beer spray and ask us to open the case. Without warning they deployed bear spray on us, broke glass and tried to take guns,” Bostwick said.

After applying bear spray to the face, Bostwick was able to escape, alert customers and call 911. Meanwhile, Rintoul stabbed another employee who tried to stop him from getting into the gun case.

Once alone behind the firearms counter, the video shows Rinroll attempting and failing to load the rifle before holding an elderly customer hostage and walking through the store with a knife to his neck.

The jury heard that Rinroll eventually left the store alone and stabbed an officer when police tried to take him into custody. Then the police shot him dead.

An independent investigation determined the shooting was justified, but a coroner’s inquest is mandatory for all custodial deaths. The jury can make recommendations aimed at preventing further deaths in similar situations.

A man who previously shared a room with Rintoul also testified. Andrew Burke said he contacted police after discovering Rintoul had sent him a suicide-note-like manifesto the day before the shooting, which included a list of people Rintoul felt had wronged him.

But Burke told the jury he didn’t read the email until Rintoul was shot and killed by police.

Rintoul’s sister and a psychologist who treated him six months before he was killed also testified on the first day of proceedings.

The coroner’s inquest will last until November 10.


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