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NEWARK, NJ — A man accused of killing a New Jersey high school student last year and promising a young football player was sentenced Wednesday.

In the fall, Yohan Hernandez pleaded guilty to killing 18-year-old Moussa Fofana in Maplewood.

But as CBS2’s Nick Calloway reported, The victim’s family does not believe justice has been served.

“It breaks my heart,” said mother Hawa Fofana.

Confronting her son’s killer, Hawa Fofana is overcome with emotion. She was processing grief that most people could never understand.

“My world came crashing down on June 6, 2021 and it was never the same,” she said.

Musa Fofana He was shot and killed while walking through a sports complex in Maplewood in June last year.. It is not clear if there was an argument.

Hernandez, 21, claimed self-defense but pleaded guilty in September to the shooting. Still, Musa Fofana’s family, including his father, have more questions than answers.

“I want to talk to this guy. What happened? If he can talk to me, what did Musa do to shoot my son like that?” Yasi Fofana said.

Hernandez did not turn and face the Fofana family during his sentencing hearing. He lowered his head and listened to an interpreter.

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his Prosecutors recommended and the judge acceptedA deal that angered Musa Fofana’s parents.

“This is America, if someone does something to someone who comes before the law, they get justice. We didn’t get justice in this case, I don’t understand how we didn’t get justice, because for 15 years, it’s not justice for my son,” Hawa Fofana said.

Prosecutors said the sentence was appropriate considering all the evidence.

Hernandez will serve more than 12 years in prison before being eligible for parole. In court, the judge said it was unfortunate that Hernandez did not have the courage to turn around and acknowledge the victim’s family.

Said Hernandez is not a legal citizen and will be subject to deportation upon release.


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