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Shillon, November 17: The State Committee of West Khasi Hills (WKH) District suggests to the state government the need to convince the Assam government to consider the villages ruled by non-khasi and non-garos in Langpih division to become part of Meghalaya.

Informing about this on Thursday, Cabinet Minister and Renikton Board Chairman Lyngdoh Tongkhar told reporters that he will set the date for the inspection of the Langpih department next week.

“After the inspection, we will have another round of meeting with all stakeholders and make necessary recommendations to the state government regarding the villages under Langpih division,” he said.

When asked, Tongkhar said that he was told that the Langpih department is difficult because of the ethnic mix because the Nepalese people live in villages surrounded by Khasi and Garo villages.

“That is why we will go for field inspection to understand and we will try to discuss with Assam if they can consider all the Nepalese villages around Khasi and Garo villages under the border of Meghalaya state. We will try to do that. ,” he said.

On the other hand, the minister said that the will of the people will play an important role in the resolution of the long-standing border dispute in the area. He noted that the first phase of the discussions on borders, ethnicity and the will of the people of the five principles is likely to end the conflict on the six points that the two administrations have different views on.

“Therefore, we expect the people to make a decision together in the entire village, and if possible in the entire area so that we can settle together at once. However, if there are mixed reactions – if a group of people want to stay in Meghalaya and some want to stay in Assam, it will be very difficult to resolve the issue,” he said.

According to him, the will of the people will be taken only during the joint inspection between the state boards of Meghalaya and Assam.


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