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Assam is bravely doing what no other state in India has dared to do. But all other states need to follow the path of Assam.

After stopping all government payments Madrasa Converting to regular schools, Assam is now tightening the screws on 3,000 private schools. Madrasa the region.

Assam Director General of Police (DGP) Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta has listed his own rules Madrasa late last week. These rules were framed on the direct orders of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

Mahanta told the five special agents Madrasa Boards of education that all institutions should register with the government within a specified period.

The registration process, in itself, is detailed and completely unique Madrasa they must provide detailed information about their work, finances and management.

The special Madrasa They should provide all the information on the land, along with it battas, is built on. This will reveal the specifics Madrasa which were built illegally on government land.

Illegally constructed Madrasa Ideally, they should move to a private land that they buy or donate. Or they will face destruction.

The state government has made it mandatory for all the private ones Madrasa to provide details of their finances – their financial sources, their detailed expense statements, bank statements and all financial transactions they have made over the past few years.

Another very important information they must provide is the details of their teachers, including educational qualifications and other qualifications.

DGP Mahanta told him Madrasa Board representatives that all Madrasa they must first ask permission from the state government to employ teachers from outside the state.

The police will check the qualifications of the teachers and only after getting the green signal from the police they will check Madrasa to be able to employ them.

Several other rules have been framed by the Assam government. One of them is the distance between two Madrasa it should be at least three kilometers. Each one Madrasa they must have at least one hundred students.

This, explained by a senior official of the state government, will reduce the strength of the Madrasamany of which have few students, in Muslim-majority pockets of government.

“This law helps the government to protect Madrasa and what they teach,” he explained.

The special Madrasa Boards are asked to provide complete details of all Madrasa due on December 1st.

“One of the most important conditions set by the state is a special or madrasa quami they should include subjects such as science and mathematics in their curriculum. Also, theology teachers who Madrasa they should take training on general subjects according to their understanding,” said the senior government official.

Also, the state government aims to continuously update the curriculum of these special schools Madrasa and, finally, introduce liberal arts subjects.

“That will be good for these particular students Madrasa. Currently, tens of thousands of young people come out of these Madrasa they are facing a bad future as they do not get government or private jobs. Becoming religious teachers or scholars is the only option they have. But when they are taught normal science subjects and humanities, they will be employed,” said a man close to the Minister.

A step to control and strictly monitor private individuals Madrasa The state came after a number of radical Islamists linked to various terrorist groups were arrested in the state in the past two years.

Some of the terrorists were found to be closely related to some madrasa quami. At least three of them were Bangladeshi nationals who were illegally in Assam studying Madrasa.

These Islamist extremists have been found to be affiliated with Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), Al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent (AQIS), Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) and some other terrorist groups.

Minister Sarma told the cabinet in September that of the 84 Islamic extremists arrested in the state since 2016, 10 had taught or had close contact with them. quami (community) Madrasa.

Two other Bangladeshis studying in a madrasa quami Goalpara district of the region has been hiding since September this year. Local Muslims destroyed it Madrasa after they found out that the two teachers were born in Bangladesh and have a close relationship Jihad clothes.

Assam government, earlier, destroyed three Madrasa who were found to be working as teachers for Islamic terrorists.

Last year, the Assam government closed more than 600 government-sponsored schools Madrasa and changed it to normal schools managed by the State Board of Education. Minister Sarma then announced that Assam would no longer spend money from the state treasury to fund religious education.

Why These Steps Are Necessary

There is no doubt about that Madrasa they produced young men who could never find permanent employment in the private and public institutions. Not only do they lack educational qualifications, but they also lack the necessary skills, including soft skills, required for regular jobs.

The only option before them is to become clerics in mosques, or teachers of theology. Madrasa. These provide a living wage, leaving a large number of young men in the country angry and frustrated. That makes them prime targets for extremism.

But closing madrasa quami At one point it would be a radical step that could provoke extreme anger and even instability. Islamist extremists can then feed off this widespread anger to radicalize and then recruit young men and women. Jihad clothes.

That is why Assam, under Chief Minister Sarma, is wisely taking one step at a time.

“How to direct the private Madrasa it should be gradual. It should be a gradual process starting with registration and closely monitored Madrasa“regulating what they teach, introducing science and mathematics and then liberal arts subjects so that Islamic studies and theology will eventually become an additional subject,” said a senior government official who declined to be named. say

“When we can we can customize it Madrasa and if we change it to normal schools where learning Islam is an additional subject, we will be able to ensure that a student who leaves those institutions is an Islamic extremist. There is enough evidence that some madrasa quami They are breeding grounds Veteranshe added.

Also, monitoring the financial activity of madrasa quami It is important as many of them receive funding from the reactionary and extremist Salafi institutions in Islamic countries.

That is why the slow and steady steps are being taken by the government of Assam to regulate and eventually penetrate all the private ones. Madrasa It is worth emulating the rest of the country.


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