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CHICAGO (WLS) — An alleged Chicago huckster, con artist and ex-con is back in trouble with the law, just months after being released from federal prison.

Federal authorities said they still don’t know how much dough this Chicago weight loss legend has, and they want him locked up again because he has millions in debt. government.

However, Kevin Trudeau remains free as a US judge orders him to come up with some financial answers.

UPDATE: Kevin Trudeau returned to prison

“Where are you going,” Trudeau yelled as his afternoon taxi pulled up outside the Dirksen Federal Courthouse on Thursday.

Trudeau isn’t going anywhere after a federal judge ordered him to stay in the Chicago area, even though he wants to travel the world on business.

Trudeau is serving a sentence after serving eight years of a 10-year sentence for criminal contempt after making fraudulent weight-loss claims in his marketing communications.

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The Federal Trade Commission asked Judge Robert Gettleman to block Trudeau. FTC attorneys said $30 million of Trudeau’s money was allegedly unaccounted for, though they say the fraudster still owes a portion of the $37 million federal settlement. despite Trudeau’s claims that he has been paid in full.

Trudeau’s ex-wife, Natasha Babenko, has provided documents to the FTC from their residence in Oak Brook and Zurich, Switzerland, which she says provides new information about where Trudeau has foreign assets. .

He was fired by FTC lawyers who said that when he told them when he visited Trudeau’s home in Zurich, he saw gold bars and lots of jewelry.

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Trudeau, very poor

While he lives in the high world, Chicago’s weight loss legend doesn’t have to worry about being called out in a public place because he has his own Bentley.

Judge Gettleman also had questions about Trudeau, why he didn’t give a statement to a judge when he got out of jail this year.

Trudeau is due back in court a week from Wednesday and has an FTC hearing on December 9.

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