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WhatsApp has updated its European privacy policy to make room for new features.

The updates include new parts of the new update policy, such as the “Communities” service, details on how it will interact with media such as Facebook’s Ray-Ban glasses, and avatars.

WhatsApp’s previous privacy policy update was incredibly controversial and led to reports that it had shared private information with parent company Meta. The outcry was such that WhatsApp was forced to delay the release for several months in early 2021.

Throughout, WhatsApp has insisted that the stories are misleading and that it will not provide Meta data. But it admitted it failed to adequately communicate the details of the policy to users.

This time it was said that the updates are only meant to make room for new features and will not bring any changes to how WhatsApp works.

“We’re looking forward to bringing new features to WhatsApp this year and giving people in the European region more information about their privacy practices,” said a WhatsApp spokesperson.

“These features do not change the way we operate WhatsApp, including how we protect your personal information, wherever you are.”

The new changes mainly affect four features: the new Community tool, wearers, avatars and business in WhatsApp.

The company emphasized that these features are mostly optional: users can choose not to enable them or join communities if they wish.

At the top of the updates, WhatsApp emphasized that end-to-end encryption means that conversations cannot be read or listened to by anyone other than their sender or recipient. “This will never change,” it says.

WhatsApp provides its European privacy policy online, where it can be compared with other versions.


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